About Sastry

(late) PSLN Sastry,Sastry born on 21st Febraury 1976. The only son of Dr. Pappu Satyanarayana Sarma & Smt Kameswari Devi. He had a happy childhood and said his parents were possessed by the spirit of kindness and indulgence. He was a clever student. From his childhood he was very much interested in Cricket, Chess, Carroms.

Childhood Days:

Sastry sees his childhood as a happy one. He remembers how his parents doted on him and loved him dearly. His parents were very well off and came from a long line of distinguished people. They are very wealthy and have no problem showering their son with love and affection. From an early age, sastry saw his mother caring for the less fortunate. At an early age of Sastry felt that how they grown up who were being abandoned.


He was very kindly hearted person. He always wanted to help who were needy. He loves nature especially. Sastry who is very much interested in and enthusiastic about some one or something is Kalki Bhagavan. He is a best Devotee of Kalki Bhagavan. With those feelings he always said to his parents i want to establish a service trust.


For an unfortunate cause sastry passed away on 28th May 1997 while he was studying 1st year B.Com. After the demise of their only son PSLN Sastry, parents Dr.P S Sarma & Smt Kameswari Devi decided to do some service to the needy in their own humble way, they want to accomplish the vision who was their son always says. So they have establish a Trust in his memory as Sastry Memorial Lions Service Trust in 2002. The service trust in his memory styled as : Sastry Memorial Lions Service Trust and got it registered.No:40/2002. Since then various service activities are taken up by the trust members.